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Courier express in Malaysia

City-Link Express is an express delivery company offering an extensive range of products and services to domestic and international markets. Apart from Malaysia, the company has now expanded into Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam. In Malaysia, it has about 500 branches and drop-in centers.

City-Link express was founded in 1979. It offers an extensive range of products and services to both domestic and international markets. The company’s employees motivated and dedicated to making City-Link one of Malaysia’s most successful companies by 2010. They believe in the company’s core values. They are committed to providing customers with the best services possible

City Link Express


Tan’s ability to provide efficient, reliable, and affordable services to customers across the region has resulted in growth and expansion. City-Link now operates several subsidiaries that offer an array of services, including express parcel and supply chain solutions, warehousing and logistics, courier services, and international cargo.

City-Link is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, with branch offices across the region. It has established a strong reputation for quality, affordability, and reliability.

global parcel delivery

City-Link Express is a global parcel delivery service that has been shipping packages to more than 200 countries. If you need to ship your parcel to an address in a country outside of your own, City-Link Express can help you. You can log into your account and input the number if you have the tracking number.

Once you press “Track Package,” you will be given the order status. You can also log in to your account to view the order details and see what shipping options are available. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are happy to help! Shipping, cargo, and delivery of packages and parcels are gaining more convenience.

With more and more companies establishing logistics and delivery services, there are more ways to send and receive packets. City-Link Express (City-link Express) is one of Southeast Asia’s leading express and logistics companies. They established to make shipping and delivery more convenient and improve the service.

Track your package

You can track your package through their website. They make tracking your package easier by providing you with the City-Link Express tracking number. Whether you need to ship a package locally, nationally, or internationally, City-Link Express (city-link express) is here to rock your world. If you are looking for XpressBees Logistics you visit bestprceltracking.

We have been providing services that connect you with worldwide shipping and delivery for over 15 years, and we pride ourselves on our stellar track record for customer service and shipping. We can ship anything from anywhere to anywhere and back again if needed. Packages can track at any time, directly from your mobile device.

City Link Express

We are ready to help you with your shipping needs. If you need to track your shipment, type in your tracking number, and we’ll do the rest! City-Link Express has handled millions of packages around the world. With a global network of 4500+ service locations, City-Link Express can assure its customers that their package handled with care.

Whether you’re shipping cargo, shipping packages, shipping boxes, or having your order shipped, City-Link Express is happy to assist you. With their recent expansion into the United States and Canada, City-Link Express is quickly becoming the leader in shipping in North America.

City-Link Express Tracking

City-Link Express handles global shipping, cargo, and delivery. If you have the City-Link Express tracking number, press the tracking button to begin your parcel tracking. Track a PKG is happy to help. Don’t forget to bookmark the page to use it again later. City-Link can now provide various goods and services to domestic and overseas markets.

Logistic Management today offers complete solutions and makes transportation more accessible. Logistic Management dedicated to providing all the necessary services and support, from planning and shipping to warehousing and transportation. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. At City-Link Express, we aim to provide you with a seamless experience.

We are based in St. Louis but have extensive experience throughout the nation and world. We work tirelessly to ensure y pleased to work with our competitors to serve you better.

Provide logistics needs

It’s an honor to help you, and we look forward to being with you for the long haul. Our vision is to provide logistics needs and become customers’ preferred choice in the Asia Pacific by 2020. We will strive to provide better services to our customers through continuous improvement. We will enhance our revenue and provide an exemplary workplace for our employees. Our customers, employees, stakeholders, and the community will look upon our organization with quality services.

While our vision may be significant, we aim to be the best logistics solution in Asia. We will achieve this by providing services to our customers daily and being the leaders in our field. To ensure the company’s success, we intend to enhance the working experience for our employees.

By doing this, we hope to build a high-quality team of people who can provide better services and create a better partnership with our customers. Finally, we want to ensure that by achieving our vision, we positively impact the community and the environment around us.

how to track your City-Link Express shipment

You’re in luck if you’re wondering how to track your City-Link Express shipment! We’ll break down the steps, so you understand each step of the process. First, you need to get your tracking number. You should then visit the courier’s website, log on to your account, and enter your tracking number.

They’ll provide you with a variety of tracking options. You can view your parcel’s current situation, the history of its location, and even a live map that follows its location. This can help you determine if your package will arrive on time or if it got held up along the way. With Track courier, you can follow the delivery process of your parcels. The tracking information is available to you in the most practical way, through the internet.

Valuable tool to follow the current status of the parcel

You can use this valuable tool to follow the current status of the parcel instead of calling the courier service or visiting the courier office. So, you can know about the delivery status in an instant. There is no need for you to worry about anything. You can also use this online tracking system to request information about the delivery of your parcel.

All you need to do is enter your 11-digit parcel ID, last name, and the sender’s phone number, and you can gain access to the most updated information about your parcel. A variety of City-Link Express international parcel parcels app tracking options are available.

They depend on carriers for delivery. However, no matter which option you choose, it will indicate your shipment’s accurate and real-time position. You can get notified about every step of your order delivery. You can track when your package has been delivered to your address, when someone accepted it and when it left the City-Link Express warehouse.

Valuable tool to follow the current status of the parcel

Are you having problems with your order delivery and tracking? Contact our support service. They will gladly provide you with all the necessary information regarding your order status. Good luck with your tracking! I’ve been buying City-Link Express services for a few months already. I’m thrilled with the way they helped me—nothing to complain about their services.

I’ve used City-Link Express shipping multiple times and was always satisfied with the results. Packages get a tracking number that you can use to check the status of your package while in transit. You will receive an email allowing you to add the tracking number to the website/app belonging to the courier service delivering your package.

Who can find the tracking number under Order Details? You can find a link or a button at the end of the details linking you to the courier service’s website/app. It is there that you can track your package. Clicking on the tracker button leads to a page where you can enter the tracking code. Once you enter the code, who’ll show you the package delivery details, it’s a handy way of tracking your packages.

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