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About Saudi Post

The Saudi Post Tracking system is an essential tool for the Saudi government to keep track of its mail. The Saudi Post Tracking system was first developed in the 1970s and has been updated multiple times to meet the needs of the Saudi government. The Saudi Post Tracking system uses various methods to track mail, including mailing lists, barcodes, and GPS coordinates. 

The Saudi Post Tracking system is essential to the Saudi government’s control of its population. The Saudis use the Saudi Post Tracking system to monitor what people read, write, and say online. The Saudi government also uses the Saudi Post Tracking system to keep tabs on journalists and political dissidents. 

The Saudi Post Tracking system is a valuable tool for the Saudi government because it allows them to monitor what citizens are doing without resorting to oppressive measures like censorship or surveillance.

Saudi Post Tracking
Saudi Post Tracking

Services of Saudi Post Tracking

Saudi Arabia is one of the most critical countries in the world regarding postal services. The country has a long history with postal services, and today, citizens rely on these services to keep in touch with loved ones across the globe.

 While Saudi Arabia has some of the best postal services in the world like Delhivery Courier, some areas need improvement. One such location is tracking services.

 Today, many people use mail delivery to keep track of packages and other items they have sent out. However, due to the lack of reliable tracking information, it can be difficult for people to know where their packages are at any given time. This is especially true for those living in rural areas or in areas where post offices do not service.

Saudi Arabia’s government announced earlier this year that it would invest in tracking and tracing services for its postal system. Post tracking will help identify and recover stolen or lost mail and provide authorities with important information about where packages are being sent. Saudi officials say that the service will improve the efficiency of postal operations and protect citizens’ privacy.

Urgent Service

This is the quickest way to get your company’s products from Riyadh to Jeddah if you use urgent shipping.

Saudi Post Customer Care

Toll-Free Number: 19992, from outside KSA +966112898888

Official website:

Email Address:

Headquarters: MP28+2M, Al Amal, Riyadh 12643, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Post Tracking Number Format

The basic format for a tracking number features 13 alphabetic and numeric characters, often beginning with two alphabets, followed by a nine-digit number, and finishing with SA (e.g., RC 999 999 999 SA). Other, less frequently observed formats may exist as well. Please look at the image below to learn more about the possible configurations.

How long does Saudi Post take to deliver?

Saudi Post is known for its quick delivery times. Recently, they have been tracking how long it takes them to deliver a package. Their findings show that it usually takes between 2 and 3 days for a package to make it from the post office to its destination. This is impressive considering the size of some of the packages and the distance they have to travel.

Where does Saudi Post deliver?

Saudi Post tracks where it delivers its mail to reduce delivery times and boost efficiency. The company has partnered with various delivery services to improve its service. Saudi Post is also using technology to track the locations of its mail carriers so they can deliver the mail more quickly and efficiently.

Is Saudi Post expensive?

The Saudi Post Tracking system keeps track of items sent and received by the Saudi government. Some people believe that the Saudi Post Tracking system is expensive, while others believe it is worth the expense. 

Some people believe that the Saudi Post Tracking system is expensive because it requires a lot of workforces. Others believe the Saudi Post Tracking system is costly because it involves a lot of money to purchase and maintain. 

Most people seem to think that the Saudi Post Tracking system is worth the expense, as it helps keep track of important government information.

What do I do if I have an issue with a Saudi Post shipment?

If you have a problem with a Saudi Post shipment, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure you notify the sender immediately.
  2. File a complaint with Saudi Post if you believe your package has been damaged or is not what was advertised.
  3. If you still have questions or concerns about your package after following these steps, contact customer service at the Saudi Post directly.

Does Saudi Post offer the best parcel updates?

One of the main advantages of using Saudi Post is that it offers regular updates on parcels. This means that users can track their properties from when they are sent until they reach their destination. Additionally, Saudi Post is one of the few providers that offers real-time tracking for international shipments. This makes it easier for customers to keep an eye on their packages and ensure they are delivered on time. 

 Although this feature may be valuable, it is not the only thing that sets Saudi Post apart from its competitors. For example, Saudi Post often has lower shipping costs than other providers. Furthermore, it offers a variety of delivery options, including domestic and international mail delivery. With so many benefits to choosing Saudi Post as your preferred parcel service provider, there is no reason not to try it!


In conclusion, Saudi Post Tracking allows companies to track their shipments in real-time and make necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth delivery. With Saudi Post Tracking, companies can reduce the chances of any delays or damages that could occur during shipping.

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