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New Zealand Post is under pressure to improve its tracking of parcels after it was found that almost one in five packages went missing in the past 12 months. The company has launched a new tracking system that will allow customers to track their parcels from when they are shipped until they reach their destination. The new system, which will be available from June, is expected to save customers time and money.

NZ Post has been tracking packages since 2010 as part of its ‘Send Now’ service. The service provides customers with real-time information on their package’s whereabouts, including tracking updates and map locations. 

The ‘Send Now’ service is available to New Zealand residents registered for it and those who have opted in by providing their shipping address. NZ Post also offers a ‘Track Now’ service, which is accessible and allows customers to track their parcel’s progress without giving personal information.

New Zealand Post Tracking
New Zealand Post Tracking

App features

Like Flyking Courier Tracking, The New Zealand Post Tracking App is a new feature that allows customers to track their parcels and receive notifications when they are delivered. This app is available to download on the App Store and Google Play. The New Zealand Post Tracking App is free to use, and customers can register for a free account to get started. The app features a map of New Zealand, with each parcel symbolized by a green dot. Customers can zoom in or out on the map to see where their package is. If the customer needs to contact the post office about their parcel, they can do so by pressing the “Contact Us” button on the app’s main screen. The app also tracks how many properties customers have ordered, received, and delivered in a month.


New Zealand Post is looking to track feedback to improve its service. The company has launched a new website that asks customers to rate their experience with the postal service on a five-point scale. Customers can also provide feedback by completing an online form or emailing. New Zealand Post expects 2,000 responses in the first two weeks. Tracking feedback aims to identify areas where the company can improve its service and make changes accordingly.

Our tracking data

New Zealand Post is introducing new tracking technology that will help to improve the customer experience. The new system will track the postal service’s delivery time, location, and condition of each package. This information will be available online and via the New Zealand Post app. The goal is to ensure that customers receive their boxes on time and in good condition and to improve customer relations.

How accurate is NZ Post tracking?

If the Courier or Express service sent your item and your tracking number reveals the item is in transit, please allow at least one business day from when you sent the item for the thing to move through the parcel network. You can use this time to get customer service involved if your tracking information is not returning results.

What should an NZ Post tracking number look like?

Your tracking number should look like this ‘AA123456789NZ’ or for courier parcels’ 1005410001051701ASH003JS’. For non-courier packages, there should be two letters at the beginning and end of the number sequence. To add multiple tracking numbers into the field, separate each number with a comma or a new line.


In conclusion, post-tracking can help businesses keep track of packages and their whereabouts. It also provides a way for customers to track their packages, which can be helpful in case something goes wrong. Businesses can use post-tracking to increase efficiency and improve customer service. Finally, post-tracking can be used to prevent fraud or theft.

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